About Kriya and Me

Kriya and Me Gift & Lifestyle is a gift shop and craft learning center based in Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. We offer a wide range of handcrafted products made from paper and fabric materials. Mostly are handmade.

Our gift series feature modern ethnic gift & lifestyle goods range from home and living products, fashion and party goodies, which are designed and inspired by Indonesian ethnic motifs and textiles.  Through our wide ranges of modern ethnic gift & lifestyle products, it is our goal is to introduce Indonesia’s creative gift & craft industry that are beautifully handcrafted by Indonesian artisans, especially women as one of key support to their family to help financial stability of the family. It is in their hands Indonesia’s cultural heritage continues to roll and preserved so that we can enrich our life stories and pass them to our next generations.  Furthermore, we would like to introduce and promote Indonesian motifs and ethnic textiles where each motif and fabric certainly have unique and special meaning of its own and are made from a long process by the artisans.

Through our modern ethnic gift & lifestyle products, we can help and preserve the Indonesian culture by using it for personal use in everyday life or gift giving souvenirs to our beloved family, friends and relatives. Most importantly, we are helping Indonesian artisans economy continue to roll, as well as enriching our life story with authentic Indonesian craftswomenship.

Scraftastic Club, our craft learning center, provides craft classes for anyone who is interested in learning handicraft such as making goody bag, scrapbooks or any other creative projects.