Kantong Cantik

This reusable shopping bags let you express your personality. They are ideal for grocery shopping or taking your lunch to work, because they are big enough to hold a lot but small enough to fit in your bag.  The simple and neat packaging makes Kantong Cantik the perfect and beautiful gift for family, friends or relatives of all ages.

Picture 3 Picture 2 photo 6photo 7

Block Stamping Batik Indonesia
Batik Indonesia is processed with several different traditional ways,  one of them is block stamping.  The process of block stamping emphasizes on the application of “malam” (wax) directly onto the cloth using a block tin or copper called “cap” (pronounce chop).  They are handmade of copper strips, carefully cut and shaped, then soldered becoming beautiful desired patterns. Available in many ethnic patterns, the “cap” is dipped into hot wax and then hand-stamped onto the fabric. Aligning the edges of each block continuosly will create the
desired patterns based  on the length and the wide of the fabric. When the wax is dry, the fabric is then dyed. On the finishing phase, the wax needs to be removed in order to see the beautiful pattern afterwards.


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